Missing Puppy!!!

We received devastating news!!! One of our babies (Brummell/Flurry - BOSTON TERRIER - D.O.B Jan.17, 2022) went missing from his yard in Mississauga on Pineneedle Row on May 23, 2022!!! He weighs approximately 11lbs and he was wearing a blue pineapple collar, but not his tags. PLEASE HELP BRING BREMMELL HOME!!!!!! He is MICROCHIPPED!!! If you have seen him, or know someone who has, please call 705-400-7131, 647-988-5452 or 416-540-9378. If you're a rescue organization/shelter, Bremmell's identity/ownership can be verified here: 800-396-1896 or https://www.ckc.ca/Raisin.../Lost-Your-Dog-Page/default.aspx Due to recent developments and professional investigations, it's HIGHLY SUSPECTED THAT BREMMELL HAS BEEN LURED AND STOLEN!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!! VETERINARIANS - IF "NEW" 4.5 MONTH OLD 11 LB PUREBRED BOSTON TERRIERS COME INTO THE CLINIC, PLEASE SCAN THEM TO VERIFY THEIR IDENTITY!!!! PLEASE crosspost and share so we can bring Bremmell home!!! Thank-you!!