While hobby breeders (breeding is not our source of income!), we're professionals at what we do and we're NOT a puppy mill, commercial kennel or backyard breeder, nor do we have litters and puppies available all of the time. In fact, our puppies are usually spoken for by individuals on our waiting list and we have a waiting list because we don't have a lot of availability. We maintain a "paid" waiting list for our puppies and IF we're not able to keep one of our retired adults, they usually only go to family, friends, or previous puppy parents. That said, we do keep a "free" waiting list for our adults, should one become available. Our litters are carefully planned for a specific purpose and are intended for the preservation and betterment of the breed. If you're interested in our puppies/dogs, please take the time to fill out and submit our application. Thank-you.

Boston Terriers

Available Boston Terrier Puppies & Juveniles

Sorry, we have no puppies available at the present time.

Available Adult Boston Terriers

Hella and Cardi are available to loving pet homes! Previous homes preferred (discounts will be given).

Medina will be available to a loving pet home in 2024!

We may have another adult(s) available in 2024 as well.

Rescue Boston Terriers

Sorry, we don't have any rescues available at the present time.

Boston Terrier Waiting List Status



Available Boxer Puppies & Juveniles

We have a female Boxer puppy available!

Available Retired & Adult Boxers

Sorry, we don't have any puppies or juveniles available at the present time.

Rescue Boxers

Sorry, we don't have any rescues available.

Boxer Waiting List Status