• We are not a pet store, an amusement park, or a zoo. For disease prevention and for the health of our dogs/puppies, we do not accept any visitors when we have un-vaccinated puppies, pregnant mothers, or females in season (who are to be bred). To compensate for this, we have a separate area of our website for our "puppy parents" where we update pictures and/or videos regularly, so that prospective owners can see their puppies grow. We also have a Care Guide, a puppy diary (where we post developmental milestones, updates, etc.) and other valuable care and training information to help you prepare for your puppy. Remember, we're looking after your puppy and are acting in their best interest!

  • Deposits are required if a puppy/dog is not ready to go, or is to be held for the prospective owner.

  • Puppy Deposits will only be accepted after an application has been approved and there has been a successful phone conversation with the prospective owner. The Total Puppy Deposit is $1500 ($1200 is refundable) and is required to hold a puppy.​​​

  • When prospective owners come to pick up their puppies, they will have the opportunity to meet us, our dogs and ask questions. If prospective owners submitted a deposit and do not wish to adopt the puppy, they will have the opportunity to decline the puppy and put all the deposit toward a pup from another litter, or receive $1200 of their total puppy deposit back. In the case that a puppy is not spoken for by the time he/she is ready to go, a deposit is not required to hold the puppy (if coming to see the puppy soon), but an application must first be submitted. In the event that a visitation time cannot be made right away (on our part or the prospective owner), a deposit is required to hold the puppy for you.

  • We maintain a paid waiting list throughout the year. Our waiting list is intended for individuals whom want a puppy specifically from us and our waiting list is not intended to be used as a "place holder" (i.e. getting on all breeder's waiting lists and taking the first puppy that becomes available). However, if one changes their mind and does not wish to remain on our list, $300 of the Waiting List deposit is refundable.

  • Individuals on our waiting list receive first opportunity to adopt puppies/dogs that become available, prior to them being posted on our website. Individuals whom have paid the $500 Waiting List Deposit would then submit the remaining $1000 Puppy Deposit once puppies are born and we have a puppy available.

  • We do not have a payment plan and the puppy must be paid for in full at the time of adoption. Individuals are welcome to make payments up until the time that puppies are ready to go, however.

  • Puppies are ready to go at our discretion, as per our schedule, when our schedule allows. Puppies to be held until a future date (regardless of the reason) will incur a boarding fee of $12/day.

  • Bedford Reg'd has the right/opportunity to decline ownership to anyone for any reason. Submitting a deposit does not guarantee a "sale" We do not sell to puppy mills, brokers, pet stores or large commercial breeders.

  • We do not sell our puppies as gifts. Meaning, we do not sell our pups to put under the Christmas tree or for a person outside of one's household. If a family plans and agrees on a puppy prior to adoption and one wants to surprise their children, etc. that is different.

  • We do not sell to "minors".

  • Our puppies are not for resale! If you cannot keep your puppy/dog or any reason, they have to come back to Bedford Reg'd (unless suitable arrangements can be made with our approval).

  • Shipping is possible to select homes, on a climate control carrier at the Buyer's expense. A Transportation/airport delivery fee of $150 in addition to shipping costs, applies.

  • "Pet Nanny" services (accompanied delivery) are available - pricing to be determined and contingent on location, time etc.

  • Deposits/Payments: Email money transfer, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal (3% service fee for credit cards). Final Payment/Pick Up in Person: Cash, Debit/Interac, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard and American Express (3% service fee for credit cards).